Our metal is found everywhere

We produce metal alloys that are used in anything from coins to ammunition and transcends many different industries like medical, electrical and data and communications.

Did you realize how dependent you are on metal alloys? So many things you use in your everyday life are made from or require metal components to function properly. It’s crucial that only the best metals are used for these day to day products. That’s why our high-quality metals are trusted beyond all other options.


Read more about Wieland Rolled Products NA metal portfolio below.



We take great pride in maintaining longstanding relationships with both commercial and military ammunition manufacturers who rely on us for high-quality ammunition components with a combination of material quality, technical expertise and professional service no one else can offer.



For decades, Wieland Rolled Products NA has been answering the needs of North American automakers with materials, components and engineering assistance to satisfy a wide range of the most demanding automotive applications.

Building and Construction


Our strip and tubing products are particularly well-suited for “surface critical” applications where appearance is as important as product performance. They can be produced in a myriad of attractive colors, with surface characteristics ideal for buffing and polishing to the high luster required in architectural and decorative products.



Wieland Rolled Products NA develops materials and designs for the first generation of cladded U.S. coins. We’ve been a mainstay supplier ever since, delivering well over one billion pounds of alloys to date.

Data and Communications


Our latest generation of high-performance alloys represents a huge step up from traditional beryllium copper and phosphor bronze, providing product designers with the improved strength, formability, conductivity, and reliability necessary to meet the performance demands of emerging applications.



Our copper alloys are used in a vast array of household and industrial electrical products, including switches, fuses, outlets, connectors and terminals, and high amperage components like buss bars.



Wieland Rolled Products NA provides engineered, high-quality stainless for thin-film photovoltaic substrates specializing in thin, wide, smooth, and clean products. 

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As of July 2019, Wieland Rolled Products NA (formerly Olin Brass) became part of the strong global Wieland Group with a continued commitment to safety, quality and customer service. Learn more at

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